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Ever wondered what Coaching is (versus Therapy)?

Let’s start with the basics, and why the differentiation matters.

Therapy emphasises psychopathology, emotions and analyses the past to understand the present. It is often necessary to dive into deep-seated emotional issues to work on personal healing or recovery from trauma. It works more with developing skills for managing emotions or coping with past issues.

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where you co-create solutions to enable forward movement. It focuses on visioning, success, the present, and setting (and achieving) future goals.

Think of it like this: a coach is like an athletic trainer, while a therapist is like a medical doctor specialising in sports medicine. It’s important to understand that therapy and coaching can co-exist – it doesn’t have to be either/or. Engaging with both modalities can help clients achieve even greater results so they can move towards personal goal achievement.

Great, that’s clear. I consider myself well-functioning but would like to know more about how coaching can help me….

At the heart of it all, it’s simple. You learn to make yourself a priority in your own life and live authentically as yourself. You are guided to uncover personal truths, discover your own answers and create clear actionable steps to reach a positive outcome. You could think of me as an accountability partner. The most successful people in the world have experts in their corner performing this role to keep them focused and motivated.

I’m Intrigued. Keep talking. Take me a little deeper…..

Transformational coaching involves exploring emotional issues and doing deep inner work using a combination of insights, powerful questions and coaching paradigms.

It’s for those who are willing and able to get a little uncomfortable in order to emerge from the experience happier, healthier and with a greater level of self-esteem and confidence that they may not have experienced in their life so far (or at least, for years).

In essence, coaches help you align your actions with your vision for your life!

As a transformation and reinvention coach, I am responsible for creating a safe space for you to explore your beliefs, doubts and fears. I partner with you – I do not give you advice - but rather help you dig deep and get to the root of your circumstances. From there, we work in partnership, co-creating solutions that move you into your optimal future.

That sounds great. What’s an example of the work we would do together?

Let’s talk about Boundaries. Actively setting (and maintaining) effective boundaries in every area of life is crucial. But you must be willing to uncover the reasons you may not be setting boundaries in the first place. Fear of disappointing someone? Fear of being disliked? Fear of being excluded from a group? We’ll go there together – in a safe and supportive way – to make boundaries your new best friend.

And here’s a secret – the most important boundary you set is not with someone else – it’s with yourself.

I love guiding my clients to their own breakthroughs - they take the credit for their turnarounds (not me!) - after all, it's their life they are transforming.

If you’d like to chat further – to see if coaching really is for you – I’d be very pleased to hear from you. No obligation, just good information.

Amanda Trenfield


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