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Operating in alignment with your individuality improves your health, well-being and quality of your relationships.

Let's meet the real you!

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"Human Design opens the door to the potential for  self-love, acceptance, and a passion for life through the gift of understanding." 

Amanda Trenfield

Unlock your true potential with Human Design

Human Design combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help you understand yourself on a completely new level. It's an electric combination of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu-Brahman Chakra System, Chinese I-Ching, Astrology, and quantum physics.


It provides a map of your unique genetic design, acting as a life navigation tool that reduces confusion, stress, and resistance. By understanding how your body and mind are meant to function, you can use your energy more naturally and effectively.

Human Design offers a multitude of benefits:​
  • Deep awareness and compassion for you and the closest people in your life

  • Recognise how you impact others and how to reduce stress in relationships

  • Make optimal aligned decisions with confidence and correct timing

  • Unshackle yourself from societal expectations and conditions to live freely

  • Maximise  your health and wellbeing with personalised insights just for you

You a re already perfect - there is nothing to 'fix'!

Is it time to step into and embrace who you truly are? 

Dancing in Park

"Human Design provided me an understanding of self with no missing pieces and where everything clicked into place."  Dr Kyra Sim

Keen to understand yourself better?

Start here: 1st Consult

Discover and embrace your key design characteristics:


Meet your BodyGraph chart: Likened to a user-manual. If you know how to read it, you'll be able to operate correctly!


How you best express yourself in the world: Your human design type gives you a profound insight into the easiest and most natural way to utilise your energy and clues as to how your innate abilities are fully expressed for your success. 


How you experience energy dynamics with others:  With awareness, you interact with others in a way that removes resistance and creates an ease and flow in communication. 

Your personal interaction style: Your Strategy & Authority reveals how you are designed to initiate interactions, remove tension in communication, then confidently make correct decisions for you. 

How to identify if you’re living in alignment:  The signposts if you are on or off-track. Best have a heads up so you can quickly and easily interpret feedback and course correct when needed! 

How you manifest your life purpose:  What you are really (!) here to do, and what contribution you are here to make. The 'role' you are here to play on the stage of life. Talk about empowerment!

Deeper dive: 2nd Consult

Let's dive deeper and get to the core of you are:


Life Theme: The ultimate destiny you are here to fulfil. Where life feels like a finely tailored suit that feels amazing to wear. 

Specific Gifts: Your natural gifts, talents and ways of contributing. Embrace these superpowers, remove a huge amount of stress, and enjoy an elevated respect for yourself - and others!

Consistent Life Force Energy: The consistent, reliable personal energy you can depend on so you can relax into being you and let everything else go.  Remember, you are perfect just as you are. ​​


Shadows & Distractions: Your inconsistent, unreliable personal energy you cannot depend on; the energy you're receiving from others; and the awareness this brings to elevate your life. 

Environment & Assimilation Style:s  When you know, you have all the support and resources you need to be successful. When you are not in alignment, you may feel burnt out as you struggle to succeed, find your gifts are not recognised or that your voice is lost in the crowd. 

Enjoying Sunset

"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you." 


Keen to understand your partner and improve your relationship?

Relationship Analysis includes 3 sessions:
  • Individual consult for you

  • Individual consult for your Partner, and

  • a Joint consult

When you understand your own individual design as well as your combined designs, a relationship based on authenticity, compassion, acceptance and respect can be built, nurtured and enjoyed forever.


In the joint consultation we will:

  • dive into both designs, highlighting where you are similar and different;

  • look at what strengths you bring individually and jointly;

  • highlight where tensions may arise and explore how to diffuse negativity before it becomes an issue in your relationship; and

  • how you can work harmoniously together to enjoy a happy healthy vibrant relationship. 

Romantic Couple

Parent your child in alignment with their design

Child Analysis session:
  • a consult diving into the design of your child with the parent/s

This powerful consultation is your entry point to discovering your child - their similarities and difference with you and/or their siblings.

Parenting your child in alignment with their unique human design will set them up for self-acceptance, compassion and understanding of themselves, and those around them. It's a gift you give them (and you) that will last a lifetime. 


With this knowledge you can create an environment— with no fault or blame—that accepts and supports the uniqueness of each family member and respects the family unit.

Please note, you must have enjoyed your own consultation before booking for your child. 

Relationship and Family Dynamics Coaching - get the most out of your intimate relationships and be the best person you can be. Personal developement and family support with Amanda Trenfield

Your Investment

Ready to understand yourself, partner and children in an entirely new way?

The 1st & 2nd Human Design Consults are $295AUD each where you’ll receive a 1:1 90-minute session (via Zoom), and a detailed 32-page report that's all about you! Book 'Human Design - Uniquely You' here.

A Human Design Relationship Package is $995AUD where each person will receive a 1:1 90-minute 1st Consult (including report) and a 90-minute joint consult (and a combined report).  Book 'Relationship Coaching' package here.

A Child Analysis is $195AUD (1 hour session with parent). I use the insights from my own children's design to understand and communicate with them every day! Note: you must have enjoyed your own analysis before booking for your children. Book here.

Remember, your human design doesn't change throughout your life so this intelligence will last...well, a lifetime!  Ready to get started?

Please note: there are only a few certified Human Design Analysts in Australia as this is a very specialised modality that requires years of training and formal assessment. Explore my profile by clicking here.   

Are you more DIY?

If you're not ready for a personal zoom consultation, why don't you: 


(1) Download a complimentary overview of your Human Design 


(2) Purchase a 'Human Design Report' prepared personally for you:  A great option for those who are happy to assimilate the knowledge themselves. This is the exact report you would receive if you booked a consult. Please click here and choose 'REPORT ONLY Human Design - Uniquely You'.  Cost is $95 per report and will be emailed within 72 hours. 


Human Design Coaching:
Loren Miller - Wellness Coach & Wholistic Counsellor

I thoroughly enjoyed my Human Design sessions with Amanda.


Not only did it give me incredible insight into my own unique design as a human being but it has also allowed for deeper understanding and self acceptance.


What I was able to take away from the session was a tool that I can go back to to help me lean into my strengths and also accept the parts of myself that are uniquely me that don't actually need changing.


Amanda is a delight to work with and is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this session for anyone who would like to understand themselves on a deeper level or anyone who is struggling with self acceptance.


I found this session so valuable I will definitely be recommending family, friends and clients to work with Amanda.

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