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If you're seeking your authentic self - without the mask-wearing, people-pleasing tendencies of social conditioning, you're in the right place. 


I'm ready to guide, challenge and inspire you to transform into the person you’re destined to be — personally and professionally — using a electric combination of life coaching & human design.

Are you constantly questioning your life path?

Do you at times feel apathetic for the life you are living?

Are you hungry for 'more', but not sure what 'more' is?


Then it's time to face and conquer your challenges once and for all and emerge confident, positive and enthusiastic for your life.


It's time to understand who you are, what you want, and map out an action plan for how to embrace and thrive in this one precious life. 


Join me - I've been in your shoes, walked your path, and lived to tell the tale. 

I have made every big life-altering decision I think there is (!) and implemented the necessary life changes with integrity, honesty and compassion.


Are you ready to create a life of balance, harmony and enthusiasm?

Terrific, let's go!

Choose your own adventure

What are you desiring?
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Personal Reinvention & Transformation

Are you ready to empower yourself and step confidently into your future?

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 Your Human Design
Blueprint for life

Understand and embrace what makes you gloriously unique.

Image by Brooke Cagle
Career Alignment -
finding your true purpose

Ready to work in alignment with your life's purpose?   Let's maximise your success.

Not sure yet?

Let's jump on a call and work it out together...
  • A 15min chat about how I can best help you love the life you're living...

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you." 

Robin Sharma

Words from prior explorers

Reinvention Coaching
Testimonial for Reinvention Coaching with Amanda Trenfield

"A core strength of Amanda's was her insight into my being a working mother in a highly competitive corporate environment. I found her prior experience in a similar context greatly assisted our journey as she had hands-on experience with a female perspective of an environment that can at times be hard to believe if you haven't lived it.


Her contribution to my gaining understanding and strength was invaluable."

- Jodie Sparrow

Legal Counsel

Human Design

"Not only did my consult give me incredible insight into my own unique design as a human being but it has also allowed for deeper understanding and self acceptance.


What I was able to take away from the session was a tool that I can go back to to help me lean into my strengths and also accept the parts of myself that are uniquely me that don't actually need changing."


- Lauren Miller

Wellness Coach & Holistic Counsellor

Career Coaching

"Although I had never heard of BG5 before working with Amanda, I am so incredibly grateful to have this additional insight into how I move through, and operate, in the world.  


It has given me permission to trust my instincts, understand my decision making strategy, and relate with others. I now embrace this knowledge in my professional career as I now know my strengths - what I can truly rely on - and what I should leave for others to contribute."

- Charmayne Connelly

Managing Director, Financial Services

Meet your adventure guide

Perhaps your story sounds a little like mine….


I was travelling through life busily ticking boxes — study, career, marriage, travel, children, divorce(!) — yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that the life I was living wasn’t aligned with who I truly was in my core. 


I recognised my twenty year financial services career was no longer in alignment with who I was becoming...


I was waking daily at 3am with debilitating anxiety from the ever-increasing corporate expectations, and questioning multiple areas of life...


How could I be both a strong and nurturing single mother?

How could I achieve physical wellness to sustain the frantic pace of life I was living?

How I could be a supportive (and fun) friend?

How could I become an overall happy—even thriving—human being? 


It was time for (a few) big changes, so I swapped my white blouse for activewear, embarking on my own personal and professional transformation.

I now work with women who are ready to lead a more aligned, soul-fulfilling and adventurous life via Transformative Reinvention Coaching; 

consult in Human Design which honours your unique blueprint bringing ease, flow, joy and compassion to your life; and guide those who are looking for career guidance via an informative and potentially life-changing Career Analysis

I work one-one-one at Elysia Health & Wellness Retreat as their specialist coach, facilitator and presenter, and on-line daily with my clients.


I look forward to meeting you! 

Hi, I'm Amanda

"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who

we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are."

Brene Brown

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