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I’d be honoured to play a role in your transformation by helping you design, live and celebrate the life that is calling your name! 

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Reinvention coach; transformation coach; professional women coach; business consultant; business team analysis; human design expert; BG5 professional; financial services background; authentic coach; empowerment coach; mindset coach; author; 'when a soulmate says no'; family dynamics coach; optimal team dynamics; professional team consulting with Amanda Trenfield

Hi! I'm Amanda

Perhaps your story sounds a little like mine….


I was travelling through life busily ticking boxes—study, career, marriage, travel, children, divorce(!)—yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that the life I was living wasn’t aligned with who I truly was. 


I recognised my twenty year financial services career was no longer in alignment with who I was becoming. I was waking daily at 3am with debilitating anxiety from the ever-increasing corporate expectations.


Questioning how I could be both a strong and nurturing single mother.


How to achieve physical wellness to sustain the frantic pace of life.  Be a supportive (and fun) friend. And an overall happy—even thriving—human being.

So I embraced the opportunity of the global pandemic to swap my white blouse for activewear, and embarked on my own personal and professional transformation...

We all say we have a book in us, and that is true for me. ‘When a Soulmate Says No’ is my story of heartbreak which became the catalyst for my mid-life transformation. It is a voyage of self-discovery fuelled by stubbornness, tenacity, and an unquenchable thirst for answers to the great mysteries of the soul. I then locked myself in my home office, diving into full-time study.  

Having been tutored through my own transformation by Master Life Coach and Best-selling author Nancy Levin, I immediately recognised that guiding and inspiring people through their own personal transformation is a key way I am here to help others. Seeing my clients step into their power and embrace their authenticity in my reinvention coaching practice brings me pure joy.  

My study of Human Design & BG5—the most advanced assessment system in the world in my opinion!—is the second key to my professional transformation. I applied this to my own life and the results have been miraculous. In fact, it was my own career analysis that cemented the knowing. I had to build my own business that helps others to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling career. I now work with individuals, couples and family units to do just that! 


When I’m not consulting, I love exploring the incredible natural environment of Sydney with my two gorgeous daughters who inspire me daily to be a better person.  

I’d be honoured to play a role in your personal or professional transformation—guiding you to design, live and celebrate the life that is calling your name.

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