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Change isn’t always easy. But to create your ideal life, it is necessary. 


The key is to accept, appreciate and love yourself first.  

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you." 

Robin Sharma

Life Coaching

Jodie Sparrow.jpeg
Reinvention Coaching:
Jodie Sparrow - Legal Counsel

I was fortunate to have worked with Amanda in a moment of personal upheaval, and her contribution to my gaining understanding and strength from these events was invaluable.


Amanda's key strength was having just the right blend of sensitivity and challenge when exploring my reflections (which included a lot of vulnerabilities), and also when holding me to account for the positive change I wanted to make in my life (and importantly knowing not to always doggedly pursue something if it isn't working). I expect this skill is grounded in her insight into human complexities and intuition.


Another core strength was her insight into my being a working mother in a highly competitive corporate environment.  I found her prior experience in a similar context greatly assisted our journey as she had hands-on experience with a female perspective of an environment that can at times be hard to believe if you haven't lived it.


I found working with Amanda provided real value in my life as I make big and small choices, and I can see the potential value in continuing a working relationship as an accountability check, or delving deeper into particular areas.  I have glowingly talked about the sessions with my friends, and recommended them.

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