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Are you really ready to reinvent your life?

For some time now, you’ve heard the voice inside you calling you toward your own personal transformation.

Whether it’s the pandemic, a personal crisis or simply a whisper inside reminding you that there must be more . . . you’ve likely been contemplating a change but aren’t sure if you’re really ready.

Perhaps you’ve spent hours imagining what your life could be, but have been held back by fears, responsibilities or doubts that you truly have it in you to do what it takes to reinvent your life?

If you’re being honest, as enticing as reinvention sounds, it also sounds risky. You worry about who you might become and how it could impact the people in your life if you follow your own true north.

I get it. I truly get it.

The hardest time in my life was when I thought life was playing out exactly as it was meant to. I was in a marriage to a good man, with gorgeous children and a successful career. And then came my catalyst moment. It was devastating and changed many lives, not just my own. I had to do an incredible amount of soul searching and reflection and ensure I had a laser focus on the people who meant the world to me at all times – my family.

To help me process this completely unexpected catalyst, and with the intention of being of help to others who have experienced their own unique version of a catalyst moment, I wrote a book called ‘When a Soulmate Says No’. See here. It was a cathartic experience that began the healing of myself and allowed me to realign with who I am meant to be in this lifetime.

Is it true for you that you’ve already been waiting too long and your soul can (or should) no longer wait to reinvent yourself?

If the answer is yes, where do you start? How do you find the courage and confidence to take the first steps?

As I have shared with you - that is exactly where I have been.

Have you felt a deep desire to live more authentically and speak your truth—but have spent years putting others’ needs before your own…waiting… thinking that one day your turn will come?

The one thing I now know? Waiting won’t make it happen. It’s time to take action. If you’re here, it’s likely you’ve reached the point where you’re:

  • Ready to take the leap with both feet (you just might not be sure of the best path)

  • Eager, but still have fear and limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Wondering how as a people-pleasing over giver you can follow your own dreams when it feels completely foreign (trust me, I’ve been there)

  • Tired of living a half-baked life where you never experience the true joy you know exists inside you.

For me, finding courage and confidence was essential so I could trust the unknown, and do my own personal excavation to reconnect to myself and reinvent my life the way I had always wanted.

Are you open to reinvention and transformation of your life?

If so, I’d be pleased to guide you through your transformation journey. I invite you to have a complimentary coaching session so I can support you in taking more meaningful steps toward your future optimal self.

I look forward to our investment of time together to create the life you want to be living, and loving.

Amanda Trenfield

Transformation Coach


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