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There are four different Human Design types—which one are you?

Your Human Design Type shows you how you are designed to express yourself in the world - there is nothing more important.

Understanding your type allows you to live out the purpose of your unique design, and work with it rather than resist it. Your Type, Strategy and Authority are the keys to unlocking your entire design. If you work with this, everything in your life falls into place.

So what type are you? See if you can guess...

(1) Generator & Manifesting Generator:

  • Your energetic life purpose is to spread life force energy, joy and love for life - igniting the world with your bubbling creative energy.

  • When you are doing what you love, life falls into place for you - alignment.

  • You are designed to work, and to love the work you do.

  • You have an inexhaustible energy to commit to projects you WANT to do - you have an internal resource that regenerates, and doesn’t give up until what it has committed to is accomplished.

  • This is what brings you deep satisfaction with your work, and a restful, regenerating night’s sleep.

  • You are focused on knowing yourself, understanding your process and purpose.

For extra points: If you think you are a Generator, there are two variations: A Classic Generator gets the job done through a step-by-step process; a Manifesting Generator gets the job done quickly and efficiently (but may miss the finer details!)

(2) Manifestor:

  • You are designed to initiate and bring inspiration into the world.

  • Your job is to get the ball rolling, and you love to think outside the box.

  • You are self-contained and independent and when inspired by the right idea, you have a presence that has an impact on people.

  • You are meant to focus on impacting others and bringing innovative ideas into the world.

  • With your tendency and ability to see forward though, you sometimes feel out of sync with the times.

  • When you have the freedom to create, you bring originality and inspiration forward.

(3) Projector:

  • You have a remarkable ability to see the big picture, and an inherent talent for guiding others to the most efficient and productive ways to use their energy resources.

  • You are a natural administrator, coach, consultant, and teacher.

  • You also make the ideal leader, using your talents to organise, streamline and manage group activity.

  • You are focused on knowing and recognising the other, often providing them with revelatory insights.

  • You experience the most success in life when you are, in turn, recognised by others for your specific gifts and talents.

(4) Reflector: (Hint—this type is rare—about 1% of the population!)

  • You are an indispensable and objective evaluator and assessor of the world.

  • You excel at monitoring and evaluating the ‘condition’ of a business, organisation or community, because you observe what is unique and different.

  • You have a very rare type of wisdom that allows you to appraise the efforts of others, and get a sense of what is working (or not) in the environment as a whole.

  • Your discernment can be very beneficial in pointing out things that are going unnoticed, and your ability to objectively discern the ‘this and that’ of the world is your unique gift.

Are you curious? Do you think you are right?

Download a free career overview by clicking here.

If you would like to purchase a full report, click here

Finally, it’s a lot of information to assimilate, so if you would like to work with me to delve deeper into your type, decision-making strategy and understand how you best interact with others, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Amanda Trenfield

Certified Human Design Consultant - International Human Design School


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