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What is your Human Design Decision-making Strategy?

This is what connects us to our body intelligence - letting us know if we are following what is true for us. It is our guide to finding the people, places and circumstances for opportunity to unfold. When we follow our unique Decision-making Strategy, we arrive at the right place, at the right time, ready for the next thing we’re here to experience.

Each Human Design type has its own unique way of making decisions and it begins with how your energy functions. This is really all about the smooth flow of energy through our body, and out into the world.

When we ignore it or forget it (or get caught up in the distractions of our mind), we can experience frustration, anger, disappointment and even bitterness along with a host of other uncomfortable feelings. We need to reframe these feelings, as they are merely signposts letting us know that something is off - like we took a wrong turn and got led down the garden path where our mind thought we’d be better off.

How does Human Design help?

Human Design is about building awareness using practical tools that help us know we’re on track. Even when we have these tools, it is a daily practice of being mindful, aware, and present in the moment so that we can respond to what life brings us. Life is a dance, each of us responding to the other (or life) in the moment - whether we are aware of this or not.

For example, the Generator energy wants to ‘do’ something. This can create a restlessness if they don’t get up and move or direct their attention to something. The key is to focus on something they love doing - to be enlivened. Energy then easily moves through the body.

The key is not to ‘chase’ a job or relationship or anything else. It is to enjoy and experience life while they are waiting for life to bring gifts or people in.

Each of the other types (Manifestors, Reflectors and Projectors) don’t have a consistent, reliable energy resource and they have their own ways of making decisions.

If there isn't awareness, is there a problem? In short, Yes. It's when we hold on to that energy or stop it from flowing through us that we cause ourselves pain and suffering on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. Emotion is ‘Energy in Motion’ and unless we allow it to flow through us, it gets stuck, we get stuck and we suffer. Our suffering is our inability to honour our own body intelligence and follow what lights us up, what brings us joy.

Would you like to know more? If so, read on where I explain how the different Human Design types make optimal decisions...


The different ways the Human Design Types make optimal decisions:

Generators – Are you following what your gut responds to? Are you really honouring that response? If you’re emotionally defined, are you waiting to see how you feel about your response? Are you taking your feelings seriously?

Projectors – Are you waiting to be recognised and invited before deciding what to focus your energy on? Are you following your unique strategy for making decisions, or is your mind over-riding you?

Manifestors – Are you following your decision-making strategy to know where you need to be, initiating what you ‘know’ you need to start? Or is your mind feeding your fears?

Reflectors – Are you in an environment where you feel good and are supported? Are you sampling and reflecting - taking time to get a deep knowing and then sharing what is working and what isn’t? How does your mind get in your way?


How do Human Design consultants help?

(1) Provide guidance on your unique nature so you can experience a sense of deep knowing what you want to do - and enjoy an inner confidence that it's right for you.

(2) Highlight what thoughts are distracting and why so you can loosen their grip on you.

(3) Show you your ‘true nature’ and help you get aligned and in flow.

(4) Provide practical tools to help you get on track and give you signposts to follow to stay on track - showing you what you can rely on 24/7.

(5) Coach you along the way - when you forget to be aware - which is, after all, all part of the human experience.

Are you ready to take the first step on your Human Design journey?

(1) Download a free Human Design overview here .

(2) If you’d like to have a quick chat, I invite you to book a Discovery call here.

Last word: Curious—or even sceptical? I get it. Sometimes there are concepts that just have to be taken on faith, and can’t be proven by anyone other than yourself. Take the examples of Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Edison—where did their genius come from, and how did they know what they knew was true before it was proven?

I am not asking you to believe outright, however I am passionate about this modality and its accuracy. It certainly changed my life! It brings me great pleasure to bring this to you. I am confident you will find these insights highly beneficial for your life, career, and relationships.

Amanda Trenfield


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