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Let's talk about Curiosity...

What does it mean?

Curiosity is having a strong desire to learn or know something. People who are curious often don't "need" the information, they seek answers to their questions for the sake of gaining knowledge. Those who are curious may also actively seek out challenges and new experiences to broaden their horizons.

Curiosity sounds cool to me. It has an uplifting vibe. A positive vibe. A ‘there is more to know and more to learn’ vibe. It makes me think outside the square.

So why is it important?

1) It can be tempting to rely on what we know. But in truth, when you’re able to leave behind what you think you know, you open yourself up to really learning without judgment or assumptions.

2) Often, we feel that we have to know the answers. The truth is you don’t really have to know. You only have to be in the questioning. Embrace I don’t know. It opens up a whole world of opportunities and outcomes!

3) You may come from a very different world than your friends/colleagues/family. You certainly may have different views from people around the world—particularly in these times of immense global changes. Be open to different perspectives and beliefs. It leads to personal growth and acceptance of others.

4) It provides the opportunity to express humbleness. It is often said that humility is the doorway through which the Divine may walk through. When you remain humble and seek guidance from outside of yourself, you allow for answers to develop rather than be forced. You recognise you do not have to develop a solution and can be curious about letting one unfold.

Ultimately, curiosity allows answers to come into your consciousness through self-reflection, insights and inner nurturing.

A supportive environment helps you move from ingrained patterns, beliefs, fears and doubts to a place of greater trust and guidance from you own inner wisdom.

Would you like to open the door and allow curiosity in? If so, I’m happy to be a guide for you, and accompany you through the next stage of your personal growth.

For me, I had to be curious about what life could look like after my separation and divorce.

I had to be curious about how new relationships would unfold.

I had to be curious about what new opportunities (and challenges) may present themselves on the other side of such a big life changing decision.

And I am glad I went into this experience with a healthy dose of curiosity - it allowed me to listen to my inner-guidance, process the grief but also recognise that on the other side of big catalyst moments, great things can come through.

And big life changes can be managed in an authentic way that honours you and the people you hold dearest in your life. This is, in part, why I decided to publish my personal memoir called ‘When a Soulmate Says No’ - Amazon Australia link.

My sincere wish in sharing this account of heartache and loss is to demonstrate the incredible power of hope. That although it may seem like the end of your world, a catalyst moment – however it happens for you – can be the spark that leads to a courageous, transformative and authentic life. I want that for you too.

If you're ready to transform, I'm ready to help. An accountability partner (or partner-in-crime) may be just what you need to manage your own reinvention process.

Amanda Trenfield

Transformation Coach


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