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CASE STUDY: How a Career Analysis helped Sarah change careers

Meet Sarah and understand how a BG5 Career Analysis optimised her career choice leading to happiness, satisfaction and success.

What is BG5?

BG5 provides a practical approach to applying Human Design principles in the workplace. It uses a combination of analytical tools, personal assessments, and group dynamics to help individuals understand their unique talents, strengths, and potential career paths. The goal of BG5 is to align you with your strengths and to love the work you are doing - every day!

CASE STUDY: Sarah from Sydney, Australia: One case study that illustrates the benefits of the analysis involves a young professional named Sarah. Sarah was feeling stuck in her career and unsure of her next steps. She had a degree in Marketing but found that the traditional marketing roles in corporate environments didn't feel fulfilling to her. She wanted to find a career that aligned with her passions and allowed her to make a difference in the world.

Why did Sarah book a BG5 consultation? Sarah decided to explore the BG5 system to gain a better understanding of her unique talents and strengths. Through a series of consultations and a deep dive into her individual design, Sarah discovered she had a natural talent for building and managing teams. She was also highly skilled in problem-solving and had a keen ability to think strategically. These skills were not immediately apparent to her, however during the process she learnt to lean in, engage with and love these specific business skills inherent in her design.

What did Sarah learn? Based on these insights, Sarah decided to shift her career focus towards project management, landing a job as a Project Manager at a non-profit organisation. Here, she was able to use her skills to lead a team in implementing an important community project. She found that she was much happier in this role and felt more fulfilled in her work. It aligned with her true goal of being of service to people who were in a less fortunate position than she was.

Sarah also used BG5 to both improve her communication skills and build stronger relationships within the organisation. By understanding her unique approach to communication and learning about the communication styles of her team members, she was able to create a more harmonious and productive work environment. She did this by implementing a BG5 Team Analysis once she had discovered and began working with her own unique design.

How did the analysis help Sarah? Overall, Sarah's experience with BG5 helped her gain a deeper understanding of herself, her talents, and what she actually wanted to do for work. By using this knowledge to guide her career choice and improve her work relationships, she was able to find greater fulfilment and success in her professional life. She was also able to create a harmonious and inclusive work environment for her team.

If you'd like to understand how a BG5 Analysis can help you, please be in touch by booking a Discovery Call (end of article).

If you'd like to dive a little deeper, please keep reading...

Sarah was a 'Builder' career type. What does that mean?

As a Builder Career Type, Sarah possesses unique characteristics that enabled her to excel in her role as a Project Manager.

Builders have a natural talent for bringing ideas to life and turning concepts into tangible results. They are highly skilled in project management, with a keen ability to organise resources and coordinate teams to achieve their goals.

One key characteristic of Builders is their focus on systems and processes. They thrive in environments that have clear procedures and established protocols. This strength allowed Sarah to create a framework for her team to follow, ensuring that everyone was aligned and working towards the same objectives.

Builders also have a practical and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. They are able to break down complex issues into manageable steps and identify the most efficient path forward. This skill helped Sarah to navigate the many challenges that arose during the project, from budget constraints to resource allocation issues.

Another key trait of Sarah's is her ability to work collaboratively with others. As someone with a collaborative assimilation style, she is naturally skilled at building and managing teams, and are able to motivate and inspire team members to achieve their best work. Sarah's natural ability to connect with her team members and create a positive and supportive work environment was essential to the success of the project.

Finally, Builders have a deep commitment to their work and are highly invested in the projects they undertake. This passion and dedication enabled Sarah to overcome obstacles and maintain focus on the project's goals, even in the face of setbacks and delays.


Would you like to go a little deeper? Let's talk about Sarah's Strength of Efficiency (26-44)

One of Sarah's strengths is her efficiency, which is a hallmark of her unique design. Possessing this strength means that Sarah is adept at optimising resources and streamlining processes to achieve the best results with the least amount of effort.

She was able to identify inefficiencies in the team's workflow and implement new processes to streamline the project's progress. For example, she implemented new software to track the team's progress and identify areas for improvement. This helped to address issues quickly, ensuring that the project remained on track.

In addition to her ability to optimise workflows, Sarah's efficiency allowed her to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities simultaneously. She was able to manage her time effectively and prioritise tasks based on their importance to the project. This helped her meet deadlines and ensure that the project stayed on track.

Sarah's efficiency also had a positive impact on her team members. By leading by example, it helped maximise the team's productivity. It also helped to reduce stress and ensure everyone was able to meet their goals without sacrificing their work-life balance. Her efficient approach helped to create a positive and supportive work environment, which contributed to the team's success.


Why is BG5 the way forward? Overall, the BG5 System's unique and holistic approach, emphasis on individuality, integration of body and mind, practical applications, and empowering philosophy makes it a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. The benefits of working through this modality with a certified practitioner are immeasurable.

If you'd like to understand how a BG5 Career Analysis can help you, I invite you to book a complimentary discovery call.

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Amanda Trenfield

Certified Human Design Consultant (professional profile here)

Certified BG5 Business Consultant (professional profile here)


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