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A week to remember....

Well, the last week will certainly go down in history as one to remember. I must admit I never put 'go viral on twitter' on my bucket list. Happy to not revisit that experience again in this lifetime. I am thankful to The Age & Sun-Herald for publishing a balanced piece on the reaction to the excerpt of my story online. The journalist, Sophie Aubrey, took the time to read the book in its entirety and speak with me and the people important to me, at length. They also raised many important issues, namely judgement without substance, and the way women's stories tend to receive harsher criticism.

I became a Transformation & Reinvention coach after I went through my own excruciatingly painful transformation over a number of years. This was sparked by my catalyst moment of meeting Jason, however he is certainly not my story. I have grown so much over the last few years, and the development of my own internal strength and resilience are attributes I am incredibly proud of. I am also proud that I have stepped outside the box, been brave and put my raw and authentic story out into the world with the genuine intention of helping others through their personal catalyst moments. In my private practice, that is exactly what I do and I am so blessed to lead and guide incredible clients. Seeing them step into their power and embrace their authenticity brings me pure joy. Thank you to those who have reached out in support of me, having known me for a long time, it is truely appreciated. Onwards and Upwards! Kind regards Amanda

Author of When a Soulmate Says No


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