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How can I help you?

A 15min chat about how I can best help you love the life you're living. Let's get out of overwhelm!

  • 15 min
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Are you looking for guidance on how to tap into your own desires, create lasting change, and begin loving the life you are living? You are in the right place! Coaching - whether that be with a reinvention focus, discovering your uniqueness via a human design analysis, or receiving life changing career advice - coaching returns you to your essence. To love the life you are living. It is about discovering who you are when you remove the 'roles' you play, when you stop being a chameleon, stop people-pleasing just to be liked, and stop over-giving (and giving, and giving to the point of bitterness and exhaustion). It's when you finally embrace who you are and step into your own authentic power. Let's work out, together, how to get you moving forward!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel reschedule individual consultations, please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice or the session will be forfeited. Please note: Group coaching will not be amended so please make every effort to attend every session. Make-up sessions will incur an additional cost. With many thanks, Amanda

Contact Details

NSW, Australia

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